Bamboo Sunglasses for Men and Women

People starting to come out in their shorts and sunglasses helps signal to everyone the beginning of summer. Sunglasses are more than just summer trend they help keep you cool, protect your eyes and look stylish. Lately wooden framed glasses have been rising in popularity, in particular, bamboo frames. Not only is bamboo ridiculously strong but it also in sustainable and can come in handy in unexpected ways. Due to the high value you’d be silly not to have a look!

People break sunglasses left right and centre. It’s only a matter of time before someone sits, steps or in some way squishes and breaks your precious sunnies. Well luckily there is a stronger material that will cut down the amount of glasses breaking: bamboo. Bamboo is incredibly strong. It has a higher compression strength than concrete and even rivals steel. Its estimated Bamboo has a tensile strength of 28,000 per square inch versus steel which has 23,000. Given the numbers, I’m sure you can imagine how much harder a pair of bamboo sunglasses would be to break compared to regular ones!

Despite being really strong, did you know Bamboo is actually a grass not a tree? As a grass, after its harvested it grows back quickly and can be harvested every three years. This is amazing when you compare it to most trees, in fact bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world. To put it a bit more into perspective, an Oak tree for example, takes two to three decades to be big enough to cut. By comparison its clear bamboo is more sustainable than other woods and has less of an impact on our forests. To help contribute to keeping our environment clean go for the sustainable, ecofriendly materials like bamboo when picking your sunnies.

Everyone knows wood floats and so does bamboo! This may not seem like a feature you need for your glasses at first but when you think about it, what sort of activities do you do in hot sunny weather? Go the beach! Or the pool, a lake for jet ski really anything involving water is perfect for those steaming summer days. Many people lose their sunnies while doing water activities every summer. If you’re outdoorsy and love the water, make sure to grab some bamboo sunnies. It’ll ensure when you inevitably lose your glasses in the water you’ll be able to spot them with ease.

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