Men’s Sunglasses: 5 Frame Styles You Shouldn’t Miss Out On

Men’s sunglasses will never stop being an essential part of a man’s style. As they are placed on your face, they are the central thing someone will notice about you. Men’s sunglasses are a staple piece, needed throughout all the seasons and capable of adding that final touch your whole outfit needed. Same as you need shoes and clothes that are suitable for different occasions, your sunglasses should be event appropriate, since not all sunglasses are that versatile. You wouldn’t wear the same pair for cycling and a lunch date, wouldn’t you? It’s important to recognize the importance of eyewear in your overall style and ensure that your sunglasses are complementary to other components of your outfit, completing the whole look flawlessly. Here are some of the most popular styles of men’s sunglasses:

  1. Aviator sunglasses

This timeless classic never goes out of fashion, and in the last few years they have become one of the trendiest frames out there. They can be incorporated in casual outfits, or can give you that edgy, bad boy look if needed. You can choose from variety of lenses’ colors and from slight modifications of the original teardrop shaped frame, but be sure to choose the one that works the best with the shape of your face and your hair color.
  1. Wayfarer sunglasses

These days, Wayfarers are reliving their glory days, and they are favorite choice for both sexes. Classic design that has been reinvented with bright colors and modern designs is a good choice, whether you choose to stick to the classic all black model, or you want to be bold with colors. If you wish your sunglasses to say you’re fun and sexy, or you want versatile sunglasses which can look both cool and casual, wayfarers should be your choice.
  1. Browline sunglasses

Browline sunglasses are dominating this year’s fashion trends, and will be one of the hottest frames of the season. This sleek, old school, retro frame gives off a smart, masculine vibe, and is definitely making a comeback this year. Throwback with a contemporary twist, browline sunglasses are bound to make you notices, and not in a bad way.
  1. Round sunglasses

With current fashion trends being big on vintage and retro style, it doesn’t surprise that round frames are back in the game. Sophisticated, dandy and individualistic, round sunglasses are the perfect choice if you have artsy, intellectual style. From plastic mono-colored to tortoise shell frames, round sunglasses will be a perfect final touch that makes basic outfits stand out.
  1. D-Frame Sunglasses

This modern, edgy frame is easily identifies by its futuristic look, and plays right into the latest geometric fashion trends with its square / rectangular shape. For risk takers, bold trendsetters and lovers of designer look, D-frame sunglasses are ideal match, especially paired with high-end street wear. IF you prefer innovative and original designs to classic frames, you can’t go wrong with edgy D-frame sunglasses.

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