Wooden Sunglasses for Men and Women

Wood frames are gaining momentum as the new fashionable sunglasses. This is due to a multitude of reasons besides portraying a clean classic look that can match most wardrobes. Wood varieties of frames are great for people with allergies, they’re cost effective as they’re less likely to brake and they are eco-friendly to boot. Wood varieties that are commonly used for sunglasses frames include: bamboo, ebony, pear wood, rosewood, walnut and zebra wood.

1. They’re all Non-toxic, Nearly Allergy Free Although it is one of the rarer allergies its slowly becoming more common: plastics. Many people around the world suffer from plastic allergies which I’m sure you can imagine would limit you considerably in day to day life. Luckily for them though all wood frames are nontoxic and virtually allergy free. This opens up glasses to a wide range of people that would otherwise be completely miss out on wearing glasses. When you consider sunglasses aren’t just a stylistic choice but also protection against harsh UV rays it’s easy to see the importance for them to be available.

2. They’re Scary Durable Wooden sunglasses aren’t just non-toxic but also are incredibly durable. Where plastic frames snap and break with ease wood glasses are solid. Heck bamboo, for example, is as strong as concrete and steel! This can save some people bucket loads of money as many people have to replace sunglasses several times a year due to breaking.

3. Eco-Friendly Plastics are a huge environmental problem; water bottles alone take up so much of our landfills! However, there’s a better more sustainable solution. Wood is incredibly environmentally friendly; heck it grows all around us! When the wooden frames are disposed of they produce way less environmental emissions than their plastic counterparts. If you care about the environment and want to shop environmentally friendly, then check out wooden framed alternatives today.

4. Stylish Lastly wooden framed sunglasses are just so stylish. They have an air of elegance and class that compliment any outfit. They’re still less common than their plastic counterparts, probably due to being relatively new trend, but this just adds uniqueness to your look. Speaking of every wooden frame is a unique piece of art as no piece is exactly the same.

With all of the pros to having wood framed sunglasses why not at least have a look around. Originence offers a wide selection of all types of wooden glasses in all shapes and styles. If you’re looking for something affordable, stylish, ecofriendly and very durable then you owe it to yourself to have a look and treat yourself. Your eyes and wallet will thank you!

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